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Soloist Bethany Kingsley-Garner as the sparkling Dew Drop Fairy in Hansel & Gretel.

Photo by Scottish Ballet Artist Rimbaud Patron.

Photo by Christina Riley

In advance of the world premiere of Hansel & Gretel, Scottish Ballet reinterpreted a famous Edgar Degas Sketch in celebration of its sale at Lyon & Turnbull. 

Luciana Ravizzi (Coryphee) posed as a real-life Degas ballerina with the famous sketch, wearing for the first time her ‘dream sequence ballerina’ costume from Hansel & Gretel.

Sophie Martin in rehearsals.

Pointe shoes in the Peter Darrell Studio.

Scottish Ballet Principal ballerina Claire Robertson prepares for a rehearsal en pointe

100 Days of The Sleeping Beauty

Day 48: Brenda Lee’s tour blog - shoes

Here is a picture I took today of some of the coloured pointshoes used in our Sleeping Beauty production. I cannot pick a favourite one as they’re all so beautiful! The green, red, blue and light blue are the 3rd act Aunts’ shoes. Mine are the green ones, which I totally love. Pink is for Belle and the blue ones are used again for Snow White. I must admit I am very excited to wear Cinderella’s golden shoe (we only wear one shoe in the forest scene - so the story goes). The brown one is also worn by Cinderella for 3rd act. As you can see 3rd act is very colourful with lots and lots of fun dancing.
- Brenda Lee